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Saatkorn Projekt - …to make integration successful – and transformational

Saatkorn Projekt -
A Community Assisting,
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Young Migrants

Saatkorn Projekt is founded by Christians who live in the town of Korntal, Germany. Our vision is to help young adult refugees who have fled to Germany to escape war and persecution in their home countries. Many times they arrive severely traumatized and disorientated, which spirals downward into boredom and despair, creating hopelessness.

It is exactly this group of refugees that are susceptible to violate the law, or worse, be recruited into the ranks of extremist groups. And yet, they are the very ones who - if provided a stable integration process - have the potential to lead a productive life in Germany, or return to their countries to rebuild them should the situation change.

Our ultimate desire for our young men is that they feel welcomed in Germany, and that they experience the Christian truths and values exhibited through our staff and volunteers. It is our hope that they also will see these as a pattern to follow in their adult lives.

Saatkorn Project e.V. is a charitable organization and is the parent organization for our educational program and The Kornhaus, our pasta production enterprise. It also serves as a broader platform to have exchanges and networking with experts, interested people and volunteers.

For me, integration is a two-way street. As a migrant, I must take the first step to learn my way around in my new land. On the other hand, the country I have immigrated to should also take a step in my direction, to help me understand their culture and ways of life. If we can learn that it is a mutual give and take situation, then we can learn a great deal from each other, thus making integration successful…and transformational

Yassir Eric,President of the EIMI Institute (European Institute for Migration, Integration and Islam Topics) and Chairman of Saatkorn Projekt e. V.


Life in Germany can be learned holistically by living in community. To help the young men in our program discover this, we have specialized social workers that provide support in various spheres of living. Through this support, our young men are encouraged to develop their own identities and the social competence needed to live productive lives.
  • Apartments providing communal housing for up to ten young men
  • Support by qualified social education workers
  • Workers with migration backgrounds
  • Extensive network of specialist


Learning the German language is imperative to opening doors of opportunity to the German educational system and society. Therefore, we support our young men to attain high language standards and through integrational courses they learn how to function in a new society. We also help them find internships where they gain practical experience of the professional life in Germany which helps shape their professional future.
  • German Language Courses
  • Integration Courses
  • Career Advice
  • Aptitude Test


Our project also assists in the search and application process of finding apprenticeships for our young men. Locally, we provide a practical working experience through our Kornhaus / Coffee shop and Café. There, each young man is trained in pasta production, coffee drinks (baristas) and serving meals to customers.
  • Search for Apprenticeships
  • Job Application Assistance
  • Kornhaus / Coffee Shop and Cafe

The Kornhaus is located just minutes by train from Stuttgart in the little town of Korntal-Muchingen. There our young men gain insights into the standards and quality of German professional life.

Kornhaus Pasta

The Art of Handmade German Noodles

The Kornhaus is located just minutes by train from Stuttgart in the little town of Korntal-Muchingen. There our young men gain insights into the standards and quality of German professional life. Through hands on training, they are enabled to produce handmade high quality German pasta and noodles, from mixing the flour, to the finished packaged product.

This age old tradition is a hallmark of German society. Through the marketing and sales of the Kornhaus pasta in other surrounding towns and markets, our young men will also learn how to successfully operate a business.

The Kornhaus Encounter Café

The Culture of Hospitality

Adjoining the Kornhaus kitchen where the pasta is produced is the Kornhaus Encounter Café. Here, fresh pasta and sandwiches are served during the lunch hour. Customers can also purchase packaged pasta to take home or give as gifts for their friends. This vibrant, friendly atmosphere gives our young men and the local customers a chance to socialize and engage in conversations thus helping to improve their knowledge of the German language. It also gives the local community a new and fresh perspective of how positive, Christ centered initiatives can transform the lives of young refugee men.

The café also has a full service coffee and espresso bar, cold beverages, hand baked sweets, and free Wi-Fi. This type of atmosphere creates a place where Germans and migrants can meet, exchange ideas, and build friendships to support each other.

Café Kornhaus
Martin-Luther-Straße 33
70825 Korntal



Tu- Fr 11 am - 6 pm
Sa 10 am - 1 pm



The incorporated association of SAATKORN PROJEKT e.V. is the roof organisation of our educational program and the pasta workshop.

We are happy about everybody who would like to join us, whether as a voluntary worker or a member of our association.
In our Kornhaus Café we depend on the assistance of voluntary workers: whether in the service, the packing of the pasta, in the kitchen, the establishment of the online shop or in administration work and in many other fields.

We are happy for any kind of support! Just contact us.


SAATKORN PROJEKT is an officially approved charity. We depend on donations. We are happy about every financial support. You will get a donor‘s receipt which you can hand in at your tax office.

Banking connection for donations:
KSK Ludwigsburg
IBAN: DE43604500500030166079, BIC: SOLADES1LBG



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