Our concept


Life in Germany can be learned holistically by living in community. To help the young men in our program discover this, we have specialized social workers that provide support in various spheres of living. Through this support, our young men are encouraged to develop their own identities and the social competence needed to live productive lives.
  • Apartments providing communal housing for up to ten young men
  • Support by qualified social education workers
  • Workers with migration backgrounds
  • Extensive network of specialist


Learning the German language is imperative to opening doors of opportunity to the German educational system and society. Therefore, we support our young men to attain high language standards and through integrational courses they learn how to function in a new society. We also help them find internships where they gain practical experience of the professional life in Germany which helps shape their professional future.

  • German Language Courses
  • Integration Courses
  • Career Advice
  • Aptitude Test


Our project also assists in the search and application process of finding apprenticeships for our young men. Locally, we provide a practical working experience through our Kornhaus / Coffee shop and Café. There, each young man is trained in pasta production, coffee drinks (baristas) and serving meals to customers.
  • Search for Apprenticeships
  • Job Application Assistance
  • Kornhaus / Coffee Shop and Cafe