Who we are

The Team
Saatkorn Projekt is founded by Christians who live in the town of Korntal, Germany. Our vision is to help young adult refugees who have fled to Germany to escape war and persecution in their home countries. Many times they arrive severely traumatized and disorientated, which spirals downward into boredom and despair, creating hopelessness.

It is exactly this group of refugees that are susceptible to violate the law, or worse, be recruited into the ranks of extremist groups. And yet, they are the very ones who – if provided a stable integration process – have the potential to lead a productive life in Germany, or return to their countries to rebuild them should the situation change.

Our ultimate desire for our young men is that they feel welcomed in Germany, and that they experience the Christian truths and values exhibited through our staff and volunteers. It is our hope that they also will see these as a pattern to follow in their adult lives.

Saatkorn Project e.V. is a charitable organization and is the parent organization for our educational program and The Kornhaus, our pasta production enterprise. It also serves as a broader platform to have exchanges and networking with experts, interested people and volunteers.

“For me, integration is a two-way street. As a migrant, I must take the first step to learn my way around in my new land. On the other hand, the country I have immigrated to should also take a step in my direction, to help me understand their culture and ways of life. If we can learn that it is a mutual give and take situation, then we can learn a great deal from each other, thus making integration successful…and transformational”

Yassir Eric,
President of the EIMI Institute (European Institute for Migration, Integration and Islam Topics) and Chairman of Saatkorn Projekt e. V.