Kornhaus Pasta

The Art of Handmade German Noodles

The Kornhaus is located just minutes by train from Stuttgart in the little town of Korntal-Muchingen. There our young men gain insights into the standards and quality of German professional life. Through hands on training, they are enabled to produce handmade high quality German pasta and noodles, from mixing the flour, to the finished packaged product.
The noodles can be purchased in the connected shop Café Kornhaus and also tasted for lunch.
This age old tradition is a hallmark of German society. Through the marketing and sales of the Kornhaus pasta in other surrounding towns and markets, our young men will also learn how to successfully operate a business.

The Kornhaus Encounter Café

The Culture of Hospitality

Adjoining the Kornhaus kitchen where the pasta is produced is the Kornhaus Encounter Café. Here, fresh pasta and sandwiches are served during the lunch hour. Customers can also purchase packaged pasta to take home or give as gifts for their friends. This vibrant, friendly atmosphere gives our young men and the local customers a chance to socialize and engage in conversations thus helping to improve their knowledge of the German language. It also gives the local community a new and fresh perspective of how positive, Christ centered initiatives can transform the lives of young refugee men.

The café also has a full service coffee and espresso bar, cold beverages, hand baked sweets, and free Wi-Fi. This type of atmosphere creates a place where Germans and migrants can meet, exchange ideas, and build friendships to support each other.

Café Kornhaus

Martin-Luther-Straße 33 · 70825 Korntal

Open: Di – Fr 11-18 Uhr · Sa 10-13 Uhr